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  • Is my Image large enough to cover my wall?

    Please refer to our choosing your own image page.
    If you are in any doubt then please do get in touch by emailing a copy of your image to questions@pictowall.co.uk and let us know in an ideal world, what size you would like the image to fill (ie feature wall size).

  • Can I just have a certain area of the image produced?

    Yes, when you upload your own image or choose from the 17 Million+ in our gallery, you will then be asked to select a certain portion of that image to suit the size of your wall.
    (Please be aware that zooming in too much may result in a poorer quality printed result due to resolution issues)

  • How is the Wallpaper produced?

    Our Wallpaper is normally produced in 1150mm wide strips ready for hanging, but the width of the strips could vary depending on your wall size. You will be provided with a wallpaper fitting plan with your printed wallpaper.

    All our wallpaper products are printed on our brand new Latex HP Printer . We print in stunning quality onto both Smooth & Textured papers.
    We then carefully package into cardboard tubes ready for delivery to your door.

  • Will the colour look exactly like it does on my computer Screen?

    A Tablet or PC screen is made up of 3 primary colours Red, Green & Blue (RGB). The printing process uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), so all files will be converted to CMYK for printing. Most colours look virtually identical, however there are a small minority of colours which will look slightly different on screen to the printed result.

    See below for our samples service should you wish to order a small area prior to going ahead with the full wall.

  • Could I just get a sample initially, to check before I order?

    Yes, good idea. If you are supplying your own image we will print a 80cm x 80cm ‘sample’ for you for a flat fee of just £20. This extra piece of mind will give you chance to check the resolution of image and/or colours prior to us producing your full feature wall. You can also select if you’d like your sample on Smooth, Textured or Super Textured wallpaper.
    Once you have uploaded your image on the site, just select the ‘sample only required’ option where the image is shown on the preview – this will then take you to the checkout.

  • Is it Easy to fit?

    In a word, Yes. Any qualified decorator can fit the paper and most say it is easier to hang than traditional wallpaper due to the quality of the material. One of our designers even fitted his own!
    However, you don’t want your investment in an individual wallpaper to fall short, so it’s probably wise to choose a qualified decorator to eliminate the risk.

    Please visit our installation page which has detailed instructions and a very informative video.

  • Can you offer a fitting service if needed?

    We can offer fitting throughout most of the UK. Please be aware that travelling costs may make this less cost effective in certain parts of the country. Please call us to discuss 01723 654001.

  • Can I get a Video to show how to fit easily?

    It’s a Yes again! Have a look at this informative video with handy tips/hints on how to best fit your new Wallpaper.

  • Do I need to supply exact measurements?

    To get an idea of pricing, rough dimensions are fine. However, once you wish to proceed with your order you will need to accurately measure the height and width of your feature wall to enable us to work out a wallpaper plan and the number/width of strips.

  • How wide are the Wallpaper strips?

    As standard we produce the strips at 1150mm wide and print a 50mm repeated image overlap on each edge for ease of fitting. However, the the width of the strips could vary depending on your wall size. You will be provided with a wallpaper fitting plan with your printed wallpaper.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01723 654001 or email questions@pictowall.co.uk.

  • What is the standard turnaround time?

    From receipt of order our standard turnaround time is approx. 7 working days to despatch. However, we can prioritise your order to hit a specific deadline (See ‘I need my order super quick’ FAQ below).

  • I need my order Super-quick, can you help?

    We can, if you need you’re order in under 5 working days, please select the ‘Get it quick’ option in the basket stage of the order process, which carries a slight premium over our standard pricing.

  • How will it arrive with me?

    Your new Wallpaper will arrive with you securely packed into a hard walled tube to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition.
    If you need to report any damage to the tube, please contact us immediately on receipt of your delivery – 01723 654001.

  • What adhesive should I use if I am fitting my own wallpaper

    Any good quality ready-mixed wallpaper adhesive, usually supplied in a tub will do the job. Solvite and Polycell ready-mixed adhesive products are ideal. You will need to PASTE THE WALL rather than the paper. Please see our installation page

  • What if I have a sloping Wall or a non-uniform shape?

    Measure the highest point and the widest point – you can then send us a picture of your proposed wall for piece of mind as we may be able to suggest different widths of printing to make things easier to install.
    Email your picture to the team on questions@pictowall.co.uk

  • My Wall surface is a little uneven, do I need to use lining paper?

    You should fill any holes or irregularities with plaster-based filler/smoothing compound and smooth the surface. With old or brand new wall surfaces, prime the surface with a water-based plaster sealer. With highly absorbent surfaces, prime with a diluted wallpaper paste. Only in extreme cases should you need to install a lining paper. This should always be checked with your decorator prior to installation.

  • I love the idea, but cannot find the right image!

    Believe it or not, this isn’t uncommon! If you’ve browsed our collection but still struggle to choose an image, get in touch to discuss your project and help you find the perfect image for your walls.

  • What finish of paper is available?

    We offer 2 options, Smooth and Textured. We do also offer a ‘Super Textured’ Paper which is is our hardest wearing material and ideal for retail environments with high passing footfall.

  • Can the material be cleaned?

    All our wallpaper material can be wiped ‘clean’ with a damp cloth. Our paper offers excellent scratch resistant properties, but do not scrub too hard, as with all paper/vinyl based products, the surface will eventually suffer. Where paper is likely to be splashed (Bathroom, Kitchen, Coffee Shop etc.) we would recommend choosing the Smooth paper option, as this product is slightly easier to wipe clean, having no texture.

  • Can you post internationally?

    We can offer a separate price to post overseas – our standard delivery only includes Mainland UK. Please contact us at questions@pictowall.co.uk to request a delivery price outside the UK.

  • Do I need to hold the Copyright to the Image?

    You would need to check whether you need permission to use any image you send in to us, particularly if you have downloaded from a website. It’s always safer to check the copyright details. If picking from our gallery however, the images are royalty free and therefore you will have no issues in regards to copyright.

  • Do I need to pay VAT?

    Our wallpaper products are subject to standard VAT @ 20%. If you are a business turning over more than £75,000 then you will be able to claim back your VAT. All prices quoted INCLUDE VAT which is clearly shown at order stage.