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Measuring Your Walls

Measure the highest and widest point of your wall and enter these dimensions at image choice/upload stage to get your price.

Help us plan the position of your wallpaper image

In addition to supplying the sizes, it’s always a good idea to also send us a picture of your wall – this helps us to identify elements such as power sockets, trunking or other obstacles on your wall which may obstruct the design. We can then adjust the position of the image in order to avoid these obstacles wherever practical*. Please send your picture to: questions@pictowall.co.uk

Unusually shaped wall?

Should you have a sloping or non-uniform shaped wall, please take a picture of the wall and e-mail the picture, the maximum width and height, along with as much information as possible, to us: questions@pictowall.co.uk

We may then be able to suggest printing in slightly different widths to our standard measurement in order to offer best value for money.

a) Always check your wall height at each end and at a point in the middle. Similarly always check the width at the top, middle and bottom of your wall.
b) Always give us the MAXIMUM SIZES FOR EACH DIMENSION from these measurements – this will ensure that your wallpaper size is covered and there will be no problems when your decorator arrives to fit it.

*We unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by sockets/obstacles etc. on your wall disrupting your wallpaper image if you have not informed us or sent us a picture showing their position prior to the setting up and printing of your wallpaper.

We are always happy to adjust the artwork/image to work round obstacles, but cannot do so if we are not made aware of their existence and position!