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Pictowall at Yorkshire Winter Wonderland

Custom wallpaper murals & set design for events UK

Client feedback:

“We love what Matt did with this, it looks fantastic, we’ve had a lot of people commenting how realistic it looks!”

When asked to create an authentic “log-cabin” custom wallpaper for an award winning local attraction, we jumped at the chance!

Our Creative Manager, Matt put together this authentic ‘Alpine-style’ fireplace wallpaper featuring a realistic looking fire. The “Log” fire looks that good in real life, you (weirdly) feel warm when looking at it…

Turn to the left, and gaze into the beautiful snowy scene which was printed onto vinyl and mounted on the inside of the window adjacent to the feature wall. Using the two surfaces next to each other and with a bit of clever shadow positioning, Matt created a very immersive wallpaper scene which really does the trick!

Yorkshire’s Winter Wonderland is open until Sunday 3rd January and tickets are available here